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"We have been using CMI for over 5 years. We reward our clients with a “thank you” trip for attending our events. What I like most about using CMI over any other incentive company is the user-friendly website that makes distribution a breeze to our clients. Whether they met us in Maine or California, I can just email their reward directly to them. With a fixed low monthly cost for CMI for unlimited usage, we can keep our costs low while keeping our clients happy!"

Shay S.

Saint Louis, MO

"How do I brand and grow my business? I’ve been a fan of CMI for over 5 years now, because they take care of prospecting; your client retention, and most importantly your client appreciation program. I’ve used almost every incentive company out there, but after being disappointed, I left them and made CMI my company of choice!"

Timothy C.

Lenexa, KS

"I’ve been a member with CMI for approximately 8 years. My bottom line has increased every single year using CMI Incentives, and revenue has increased each year by anywhere from 20-30%! Customer service is excellent and treats you like part of the family. I really love this company! It’s affordable and you can’t afford to NOT become a member."

Fatima B.


""I am so impressed with the quality of CMI's incentives. I have been able to attract clients easier than ever before, with a 200% boost in the amount of clients that I am able to receive every single month!""

Stephen T.

Moreno Valley, CA

"My clients are very appreciative"

Armal M.

Buffalo, NY

"CMI Testimony"

Dr.James M.

Lancaster, TX

"CMI has been an absolutely phenomenal investment for my company! I use it for team building exercises, engagement activities, client perks, and to incentivize for a job well done. Some of the favorites shared among my clients and my team are the electronics, the hotel stay vouchers, and the 2 night Bahamas cruise for 2. The number one favorite has been the smart fitness watch. It is Bluetooth and has a lot to offer! CMI system is very easy to use and has a nice look. They recently updated their site and it has become even more user friendly, with online redeemable certificates that are bright, colorful, and have lots of information on the promotion being offered. Very nice presentation! CMI Certificates are very easy to redeem and I have received lots of amazing feedback on positive experiences, which the team also shares amongst each other and with our clients every opportunity they get when the subject comes up. :) I love using CMI and it has helped my ROI tremendously since starting 2 months ago. I definitely recommend CMI!"


San diego, CA

"Starting using this as an incentive for the purchase of Press1Cash Explosive. CMI has a very diversified program. I like it!"

Virginia S.

Sacramento, CA

"Our company has been using these vouchers for a while, and they have helped increase our sales! Not only have these incentives helped increase our sales, but the customers who use the incentives tell others about how great the incentives are, so we end up with even more customers! We would encourage anyone to use this company! Also, another very important part I like about Creative Marketing Incentives is their customer service department is amazing! They always make sure that I'M taken care of and if there is anything that I need they are always quick to make sure customer satisfaction comes first. "

Casuel P. & Ray L.


"I have been a member for a year and a half and my clients love them. I give them away at all of my events and partner with other to use as incentives for their business. I have booked a lot of travel because of these certificates!"

Michelle A.

Capital Heights, MD