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"Starting using this as an incentive for the purchase of Press1Cash Explosive. CMI has a very diversified program. I like it!"

Virginia S. S.

"Our company has been using these vouchers for a while, and they have helped increase our sales! Not only have these incentives helped increase our sales, but the customers who use the incentives tell others about how great the incentives are, so we end up with even more customers! We would encourage anyone to use this company! Also, another very important part I like about Creative Marketing Incentives is their customer service department is amazing! They always make sure that I'M taken care of and if there is anything that I need they are always quick to make sure customer satisfaction comes first. "

Casuel P. & Ray L. H.

"I’ve been a member for a year and a half and my clients love them. I give them away at all of my events and partner with other to use as incentives for their business. I’ve booked a lot of travel because of these certificates!"

Michelle A. C.

"I would like to first and foremost say that I am pleased and honored to be apart of such an impeccable company. I have been with the company for a month and my husband and I have seen an increase in our clients already. My husband runs basketball tournaments and we gave all of our coaches and referees a 3 day/2night stay for being loyal customers. Moreover, we told them if they refer teams that we would give them a 7 night vacation certificate. My husband went from having 20 teams to having 40 teams in his tournament. We were amazed because the outcome was instant "word of mouth." Now, we are offering a 2 day vacation stay to anyone that attends the tournament. We love the website because it keeps us very organized and it is as simple as 1-2-3. We also love that we are able to easily print an unlimited number of certificates. We are able to reward our clients and they appear to be excited!"

Octavia M. K.

"I have been a customer with CMIG for almost a year now, and I have been using the certificates for not only a "thank you" to close business deals, but as gifts to past clients as a "thank you" for their loyalty. I have had an overwhelming response from my clients that have used the certificates. The hotels stays are great and the restaurant certificates are a huge hit. Some of my clients call me once a month to tell me about how great their dinner was at a new restaurant that they tried out with their certificate that I gave them. I am really impressed about how easy it is to redeem the certificates as well. I truly appreciate the incentive program and what I like about it the most is that it helps me differentiate myself from others in my industry. "

Timmy O V.

"Just a note to say thank you so much for all that your company does. You always answer the phone and spend whatever amount of time I require. I thought this was going to be too good to be true, but it works!!! I entice customers to my Webinars with dining and hotel certificates then I reward them for joining with a trip to Mexico. They always tell me “Hey I thought this was too good to be true”. Thank you for making it easy for us to market on a shoestring budget!!!!"

Donna K. P.

"Good Evening!! CMIG has brought numerous leads, employee referrals and repeat clients to my denim business!! I use a gradual system in issuing the travel certificates and it works great!! Receive a hotel stay for booking a party or depending on level of purchase my clients receive anywhere from the restaurant certificate to a Las vegas getaway!! It\'s fantastic for recruiting as well. Prospects who join my business get to enjoy the getaway with airfare and repeat customers I extend our wonderful electronic certificates as a big \"thank you\" for their continued business!!! What I love, love love about this wonderful program is that it recognizes that in today\'s economy, small businesses are just as important and are extending this avenue that was once upon a time only granted to larger companies! It absolutely helps in leveraging your business and offers the money conscious consumer (as well as the CMIG user) the ability to travel at an extremely great value!! I\'m proud to be a member!!"

Kim W. S.


Steve H. N.

"CMIG is just what we needed to help sky rocket our business! Our business opportunity presentations use to be empty and discouraging. After signing up with CMIG, there's not an empty seat in the room! This company has helped us tremendously and I love how simple it is to email hundreds of incentives with just one click. Just when we thought it couldn't get any better, we received a check in the mail for over $2000.00 just for referring a few friends! Thanks CMIG!!!"

Savalas N. K.


Scot C. R.