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Imagine how many more leads you will build by
adding one additional tagline to your exsting advertising:

"Give us a try and receive $300 in restaurant certificates."

How many more valid referrals will you generate just by offering our airfare and
accommodations package bound for Cancun, or Puetro Vallarta, Mexico? Who Could Resist?

Sound too good to be true?

A decade ago we might have agreed with you. But for the last five years Creative Marketing Incentive Group, Inc. has contracted with world-leading hotel chains, cruise lines and travel companies to bring forth powerful incentives

We Help in booking otherwise unoccupied rooms. which hotels and resorts schedule as future sales. Reward your clients and customers with exciting vacation offers, Jumpstart sales and leads, growing your business through CMI's incentives.

Creative Marketing Incentive Group, Inc. has developed a successful program, allowing our members printing rights to unlimited certificates for a simple $99 a month.

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