Are you trying to gain more customers, and fill empty rooms? Would you consider creative solutions that will attract more customers to your establishment? If you say “yes” to either of these questions, then Creative Marketing Incentive Group, Inc. (CMIG) can help you grow your hospitality enterprise into a stronger, more successful business!

CMIG benefits thousands of businesses in the United States and Canada who bring in more customers through the promotion of vacations through travel certificates. CMIG’s travel certificates ensure that Hotels and Resorts fill rooms that would otherwise remain empty. Our certificates boost residual sales, multiply future sales, and attract referrals.

CMIG works with top tier hotels and resorts, which materialize greater profits in booking unoccupied rooms at cost. Upon arrival, visitors will increase revenues by taking advantage of other vertical markets such as restaurants, room service, spas, and other amenities. Besides, customers who save money on room fees won’t pinch pennies at your bar, golf course, or the gift shop.


1 ) We design a "hotel certificate" or "hotel coupon" for the purpose of booking a property’s empty rooms. This certificate entitles the recipient to a few nights of accommodations at your property for a special rate that you determine.

2 ) Our business clients hand out your hotel coupon to their customers as a promotional reward for purchasing a product or service.

3 ) Customers then redeem their certificate through our redemption website, or by mail, and must submit a minimum of two possible travel dates in their reservation request.

4 ) We call your property before processing a reservation. You schedule the date which best suits your occupancy schedule. Properties typically choose to reserve dates when they expect to have a higher number of vacancies. CMIG then books happy travelers. We also boost your occupancy rates and revenue through a stream of new clientele, eager to have a blast. Everybody wins!

As a licensed, professional travel agency, CMIG contacts all travelers 6 to 12 months after they visit your property. We enthusiastically invite travelers to revisit your establishment as a regular paying customer. This process builds repeat and referral business for your property. And we offer this service at no out-of-pocket cost to you. We boast millions of certificates in circulation annually.

Benefits for the Property

Fill otherwise empty rooms at a discounted rate without hurting your advertised rates.

Increase revenues through on-site amenities. Clients who save on room rates will “live it up” and check in, armed with a bigger budget and a fat wallet. You won’t have to twist arms to upsell room service, or spa visits. They’ll order call drinks at your bars, and spring for exotic fare at your restaurants.

Free Advertising - Being a member of CMIG ensures that thousands of business people and customers see your brand every month.

Lure customers away from competitors. Travelers can’t resist a sweet deal on a quality getaway. And what they save on the front end, they’ll spend on their backsides while relaxing at your property.

Repeat & Referral Business – Your property will register new patrons who couldn’t resist your room rates. Through quality service you’ll beef up residual business by converting 1st-timers into loyal patrons.
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