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Monthly Facebook Campaign

Increase Followers Campaign

Have you ever thought about wanting to increase followers for your Company Facebook Page but never implemented because you just don't have the time, marketing assets or the know how to promote your business on Facebook?

Facebook Ads Is An Excellent Tool To Build Your List Of Laser Targeted Customers Looking For The Products & Services You Sell

Many companies run a campaign only to see their results drop over time because they do not keep up with updating the copy, graphics and other necessary changes needed to the ads.

One of the hardest things for businesses to do is update their ads every so often to keep them fresh, relevant and exciting, consistently throughout the year.

The following chart shows the average conversion rate for a number of industries.

The Average Conversion
Rate Across All Industries

Creative Marketing Incentive Group created a package to support clients like you to grow your followers base, increase likes and convert sales, using our special incentives with ads made just for you.

With our program, we expect results to be significantly higher than average, specially because you will be offering a great value proposition on your ads.

BANNER BLINDNESS, which is when a business shows the ad over and over to the same person, the person gets immune to it and doesn't even notice it anymore, in other words the offer becomes stale and results die….we eliminate this MAJOR ISSUE through this package...since we update the offer and assets every month for you!

According to a study by Infolinks, 86% of consumers suffer from banner blindness, our defense mechanism against information overload.

A compelling advertisement design will immediately attract the attention of a visitor, increase your engagement and garner more clicks.

By changing your ad every month like CMI will do for you, we eliminate BANNER BLINDNESS and increase your page engagement significantly!

How Do We Work?

Targeted Audience

We will create a targeted audience including categories like age, gender, location and interests, focusing on the public responsible for the majority of profits on your company.

Custom Ads

Based on the strategy we will create together, we will design fresh ads monthly, using the CMIG incentives as the base jump to boost your followers and likes.

Incentive Videos

Experiences they’d love to have in movie-like-videos they’ll lose themselves in, how can your leads not take you up on your offer?

Based on our proven strategy, we will design fresh ads every month
using a CMI Incentive as the gift in exchange for the follow.

Stock Images

Your campaign will include access to Premium Stock Images. Not just any stock images, very exclusive and professional higher end Getty type images.

Campaign Management

Our team of experts, based on your specific goals, will suggest a monthly budget for Facebook Ad Campaigns, according to your needs and reality.

Automated Messaging

Our package includes automated, first level messaging to send incentives instantly to people who follow your page. This really is a set it and forget it solution!

Tailored Reports

Each month you will receive a tailored report analyzing your campaign performance, with any necessary adjustments

Our Offer

Our Facebook Campaign Add-on to your current CMIG package for only $99/month and get:

Campaign Set Up
Facebooks Ad Designed Monthly
Branded Incentive Videos
Landing Pages
Automated Messaging
Campaign Management
Campaign Monitoring
Monthly Reports

Ad spend is separate from our management fee and is paid directly to Facebook. We recommend starting at $5 - $10 per day to start then scale from there if desired.

For only $99/month, we will do everything for you!

Basically all marketing assets are designed by us/created by us everything is done for will never have to worry about creating assets for facebook campaigns or keep your page updated and fresh. For only $99/month, we will do everything for you!

This exclusive bundle is for current clients of CMIG and includes brandable incentive videos, landing pages, automated bot creation to send out the certificates to people from your Facebook page automatically…. everything is hands free, literally sign up and forget it!

Building your remarketing list has never been easier!

Talk to your account executive today to start your Facebook Campaign right away!