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Traveling around the world at huge discounts has never been easier! With the amount of HOTEL SAVINGS DOLLARS you have coming right off the top of your next reservation, there are no guessing games. For example, if you accumulate $500 in Hotel Savings Dollars, and your reservation is for $1000.00 then you have just saved at least 50% on your reservation. What more can you ask for? You can accumulate as much as you want and use one big lump sum of hotel savings dollars on a big Family Week Vacation! Please thank the business who rewarded you with your travel savings bucks and ask them about how you can Get More to Save More!

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Retail Value: Up to $400.00

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Search The Database Of 1,000,000 Participating Properties

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You will receive $400 worth of Travel Savings Bucks that you can use on over 1,000,000 hotels and resorts, over 8,000 rental car companies and thousands of activities to save on around the world!

Be sure to activate your certificate before it expires! All certificates will have an accompanying expiration date attached to them.

(Retail Value: Up to $400.00)

The best savings available in travel. Web-based technologies focused on having the absolute lowest prices on hotels, resorts and other travel products. Proprietary technology has created an all-encompassing, easy-to-use web platform that brings unparalleled pricing to all types of travelers. Superior customer service and online transparency allows for credibility and consistency to customers and site users, making it the fastest growing travel website aggregator.

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