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Premium True Wireless-Stereo Earbuds

These Brand-New Premium Wireless Earbuds Are Yours!

You have been rewarded with a brand new pair our High End Premium Quality True Wireless-Stereo Earbuds. Your new earbuds deliver good sound purity. Tight, thundering distortion-free bass. Crystal-clear mids. Smoothing, smooth highs. Use them to listen to music during your workouts. They also have a built in microphone so you can use them for business and personal calls too!

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Retail Value: Up to $199.00

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You will receive a pair of premium wireless earbuds mailed directly to your door. Get ready to use your new earbuds for video chat, phone calls and even listening to your favorite jams! Redeem your offer before it expires. Your brand new wireless earbuds will arrive 7-10 days! Just pay shipping and handling.

(Retail Value: Up to $199.00)

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