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Enjoy Your Brand New Touch Screen MP4 Player

Congratulations, you have been rewarded with a certificate good for a Brand New Touch Screen Mp4 Player! Save hundreds of your favorite songs. Use your new MP4 player while traveling, working out, running, walking, jogging and even hiking. Use it anywhere you want. Have it shipped to your door within 7 days!

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Retail Value: Up to $149.00

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You will receive a Brand New Touch Screen Mp4 Player shipped right to your door. A $149 Retail Value! Just redeem your certificate before it expires and it will be delivered within 3-5 days. Use your New Mp4 Player on the go when traveling, running, walking, jogging or even hiking. Your new Mp4 Player boasts these cool features: Super Slim Panel Design, LCD -TFT Touch Screen Panel, Warranty, Wifi Capability and much more!

(Retail Value: Up to $149.00)

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