No, your customers will never be required to attend any sales or timeshare presentation. These are real, top quality vacations with no hidden fees or strings attached. Remember, we are simply filling otherwise empty rooms which the hotels and resorts turn into additional revenue from other areas of their property, such as room service, spa, in house restaurant, bar purchases, extra day stay, etc.
We contract with the world leading hotel chains, cruise lines and resorts to help them fill their otherwise empty rooms. We help fill empty rooms which the hotels, resorts and cruise lines turn into additional revenue from other areas of their property and future bookings. Hotels rarely experience full occupancy, yet they remain open, providing rooms and services at fixed costs. So when hotels give out their rooms by partnering with marketing companies like us, they might miss out on the room fee, but they already didn't have that in the first place, at least now they have the opportunity to gain a customer for their in-house restaurants, room service, their casinos, an extra day stay, future bookings, etc. The magic of why our program works so well is the fact that its a win win for everyone involved. You win because you gain more business from using our incentives. Your customers win because they received an awesome incentive gift from you. The hotels, resorts and cruise lines win because they gain additional revenue from other areas of their establishment that they otherwise would not have been able to get and they also have a new client that may book with them in the future.
You can view samples of all the certificates by clicking on "Our Incentives" in the navigation menu of our website. We offer 3 ways currently to distribute the incentives to your customers. 1. You can print pdf certificates to provide your customer with a tangible product. 2. You can send e-certificates to your customers by email. 3. You can also automate the way you distribute the certificates by utilizing our web banners on your website. If you need assistance adding a banner to your website we can help you with that usually free of charge. You can design your own certificates and banners as long as you include a disclaimer regarding the terms and conditions and the instructions on how to redeem the certificate.
Yes, all certificates created will be assigned an expiration date 30 days out. Please note that the expiration date printed on the certificates only pertains to the actual activation/redemption of the certificate. After your customers activate a vacation certificate, they will have at least 12 months to travel.
It's simple, we are smart. Our redemption rate is the highest in the industry because the 30 day expiration date provides a sense of urgency to redeem it. But the real reason and the most important reason is that the 30 day expiration date is there to protect our business and your business in the event our contracts change with the participating properties and travel companies, we can easily update our offers and we don't need to worry about having a ton of unexpired discontinued certificates in circulation that may be redeemed at anytime in the future. Now that would be scary to even think about, right? Could you imagine facing a lawsuit because a customer allowed two years to transpire on an offer you presented and is now discontinued and no longer offered?
No. The expiration date pertains to redemption/activation of the vacation certificate only. Once your customer redeems/activates a vacation certificate they will then have at least 12 months to travel.
Yes, you can! Each certificate has a "Compliments Of" area. You have the option to fill this area in with your business name, website, phone number, email and even your logo or a photo. You can use our pre-designed pdf certificates and web banners or design your own. If you design your own certificates and banners you just need to include a disclaimer around the terms and conditions as well as the instructions on how to redeem the certificate.
No. There is no additional fee to print out our certificates. You only pay $99 per month, allowing you to print and email an unlimited number of certificates. Whether you need 100 or 100,000 certificates in a month, you still only pay $99. This includes our web banners to automate the way you distribute the incentives to your customers.
Your customer may activate a certificate online, by fax, or by regular mail. Customers who activate online can instantly fill out the reservation request process, eliminating the wait for snail mail. Our activation process requires only a couple steps and is easy and efficient to complete. To date we have redeemed over 170,000 certificates and have a fantastic reputation that we are proud of!
Yes! We offer "Premium Certificates." All of our certificates are available as a "Premium Certificate." This means that you pay the redemption/activation fee at a discounted rate and this will expedite your customer directly to the reservation request process. These certificates also come with a 90 day expiration date. Give us a call to inquire about our premium certificates price list.
Your customers can activate each individual vacation certificate one time within a 12 month period. This means your customer can take advantage of a 1 night hotel stay, a 2 night hotel stay, a 7 night resort stay, etc., enjoying each individual vacation within a 12 month period. However, your customer cannot activate two 1 night hotel certificates, two 2 night hotel certificates, etc., within the span of a year.
When you sign up you will create a unique username and password that you will use to log in to every time you need to access and create certificates for your customers. Every certificate you create will automatically be attached to its own unique certificate code. Every single time a customer redeems/activates a certificate we will notify you by email an update your report in your control panel.
No. You may not. Reselling certificates violates our terms, conditions, and agreements you accept before using our certificates. Selling certificates individually compromises our business model. We are a Members Benefit Organization, and therefore, to distribute our certificates you need to be member. Also the agreements we maintain with our hotel and resort companies prevent us from competing against or jeopardizing their published rack rate. If you were able to sell these certificates, there would be no way to prevent a member from selling our certificates directly to the end user, thereby creating competition and lowering our partner properties' published rates.
No, our program runs exclusively on a month to month basis. All we ask for is a 3 day notice before your next billing date to avoid being auto billed.
Accountants use the term breakage when referring to gifts and incentives that have been sold, but never redeemed by the customer. Revenue from breakage arrives almost entirely as profit because companies aren't obligated to provide services for un-activated gifts. Meanwhile, the more vacations the fulfillment company provides, the less money it makes. To minimize losses, these type of fulfillment companies that sell certificates on a per certificate basis will create complicated processes to disqualify your customers, ensuring maximum profits through limited services. Businesses pay good money to purchase these incentives with the belief that the incentive company will honor all your purchases. Yet there is no way to honor all your offers and to stay in business. Since we help fill empty rooms for the participating properties, we do not rely on breakage to fulfill our incentives, we actually want to fulfill as many as possible so we can do a good job for the hotels and resorts.
This is a great question. Over here at CMI, we teach all of our customers NOT to use the word "Free" when promoting our incentives. Instead, we promote the use of words and phrases such as "Included with Purchase," or "Complimentary Vacation Certificate," or "Selected To Receive." This way you are in compliance and at the same time still getting the same response rates as if you did use the word "Free."
We definitely encourage our members to use the certificates for themselves. We want you to be excited to be able to offer our incentives to your customers.
No, they cannot. Keep in mind our certificates are solely to be used for promotional use only and are not designed for group travel. You would not be able to coordinate a group vacation package using our certificates for your employees/staff. We do not mind if you use one as a test (we reserve our 1 or 2 night hotel stay for this purpose) but we only allow you to test one of our travel certificates if you have the desire to do so. Keep in mind that we have been in business for over a decade now and maintain a top notch reputation only because we do what we say we can do. If we didn't, we would not be successful and would not have signed on over 13,000 clients in the last 12+ years. Not only that but our clients have distributed over 3 million certificates which turned into hundreds of thousands of fulfilled certificates from their customers and we still maintain an A+ rating with the BBB. McDonalds analogy: the "Free Big Mac" coupon works as a marketing tool because they get the opportunity to add fries and a milkshake and if nothing else get a customer in the restaurant to sample a burger. If the employees used them to feed themselves and family it just would not work.
There are very specific regulations regarding "gifting" your clients in these industries. It is our understanding that if you were to use an incentive as a way to "bribe" a customer or anyone for that matter into sending you referrals would be against regulation. However, if you use it as a gift after the purchase, just as a thank you to your customer, it is our understanding that this scenario would be in compliance. This was found directly on the RESPA website: Can a lender give a borrower an incentive, such as a chance to win a trip or a rebate, for doing business with the lender? RESPA does not prohibit a lender or other settlement provider from giving the borrower an incentive for doing business with it as long as the incentive is not based on the borrower referring business to the lender. Also, you can use incentives as lead generators to help boost response rates to your ads. I.E. "Call us for a free quote and receive a $25 restaurant certificate, No Purchase Necessary." You are not requiring anyone to pay you any money so this strategy would be in compliance. We have heard that Insurance companies cannot spend more than $12 on a gift for a customer. Since you pay $99 a month to give away as many as you need; how much did the certificate end up costing you if you factor the $99 divided by how many you gave away that month? Even most of our Premium Certificates can be purchased for less than $12 each. Also, since your customer has to participate by sending in fees to receive the incentive gift, you are not actually giving them a vacation that you paid for. You are simply presenting them with the opportunity to take advantage of a really great offer if they are willing to participate. Since you are not purchasing the vacations outright, using our marketing incentives in these industries is compliant.
We don't put the toll free number directly on the Fun Rewards site because this would encourage visitors who don't even have a certificate offer to contact us and tie up our phone lines with unrelated questions, slowing down our customer service department. When your customer visits the redemption website, they will simply enter their certificate number and be directed to a complete list of frequently asked questions that explain the terms and conditions in full detail. We also provide the full terms and condition on the certificate itself. Most, if not all questions are explained on the redemption website; however, your customer can submit an email inquiry under the "Contact Us" feature on our website and we guarantee a response within a business day. If your customer requires to speak to an agent over the phone, they may request a call back in the email inquiry. Requested call backs are also returned within one business day.
All of our certificates are available in a "Premium Certificate" version that allows you to prepay the one time redemption fee so your customers won't have to pay anything up front to redeem their certificate. As a member you will already have access to the premium certificates. When it comes to prepaying the taxes and fees for the travel, we do not recommend you do this before your customers actually complete the travel. The reason being is because they may not end up traveling after all. Instead, offer to rebate or reimburse them after they complete their vacation. Only after your customers pay for the taxes and fees and finish the travel should you reimburse them or rebate the fees they paid. This will save you money in the event your customers do not end up traveling for whatever reason (life happens and people that you gave the certificate to appreciate the gesture, but sometimes they cannot find the time to travel).
Your customers do not get to choose the hotel because we book hotels based upon availability. Keep in mind that these are promotional offers that provide your customers significant savings on their travel so it�s not going to work the same way as going to and paying full rack rate where you get to choose the hotel. With us, the properties that we work with and that participate in these promotional offers release the unoccupied inventory to us just 30 days ahead of time. So we don't even know what hotels are available before that time. We always choose the best hotel available at the time your customers want to travel. You can be rest assured that we only work with quality hotels from around the world and we won't even work with any property that has less than an overall 3 star review rating by other travelers on websites such as (the yelp of the travel industry).
Yes, your customers do get to choose the destinations that they wish to travel to.
The properties that we work with release their unoccupied inventory to us just 30 days ahead of time so there is no way around this. Remember, we are filling otherwise empty rooms for the participating properties and this is the time frame that they use to project what their unoccupancy will be. Based on what their projection is will determine how many allotments they can provide to us for these promotions. We don't even have available inventory to us before 30 days.
The taxes and fees are based on a few factors, examples include but are not limited to: Sales tax based on the full rack rate of the accommodations, maid service fees, zone surcharges, travel agency fees, federal, state, local or municipal taxes, etc.
They are not a specific brand. They have been manufactured specifically as an off brand (generic). It's not the brand name that matters much, it's the components inside that matters. Please visit How Do We Do This? We have a couple retail partners that we team up with to "crowd purchase" huge shipping containers that hold 10's of thousands of electronic products at 80-90% off retail. We then turn around and create an incentive certificate around these products and charge your customer only for the "shipping and handling". As a member, you get to "piggy back" on our partnerships and buying power to provide an attractive electronic premium to your customers for just shipping and handling. We don't make a dime on these products, we simply pass our pricing on to you and your customers. Our whole goal is to add value to our CMI program for our clients.
We reserve our 1 or 2 night hotel stay certificate for our clients that want to "test us out" after they sign up. If you would like to test the redemption process or anything of the sort, please do not hesitate to test either the 1 or 2 night hotel stay or any other non travel related certificate. The properties we work with would not be happy if we provided free samples to everyone that visits our website or becomes a member. The reason being is that they only want us to provide these offers as incentives through other businesses marketing promotions. That's why they agree to participate in the first place, because our business model does not hurt their published rack rates. The only way a customer can receive one of these offers is by being rewarded by another business. If we were to provide these certificates to anyone and everyone that simply visits our website or signs up then we would be acting like a travel club which we are not and this would conflict with our properties rack rates that they advertise and would totally go against their business model and they would not agree to work with us.
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