Retail Value: $129.00

This certificate includes a Brand New Smart Fitness Watch (Compares to Fitbit @ $129.00 retail value)


1. Your customers simply mail the shipping and handling fees to us by mail and we send them their brand new electronic product by priority mail within 7-10 days! All redemption instructions are provided on every certificate.

2. Your customer receives their gift and brags to their friends and family about their your business who gave them the certificate, providing brand awareness and enticing referrals for your business!

For just $99/mth your business will get an unlimited supply of our certificates that you can use to create exciting marketing giveaways and promotions without having to pay per certificate. 

No Redemption Fee Option: You can prepay the $19.95 redemption fee for your customers and provide them with our "Premium Certificate" that does not require payment from your customer to redeem it.


We have a couple retail partners that we team up with to “crowd purchase” huge shipping containers that hold 10’s of thousands of electronic products at 80-90% off retail.

We then turn around and create an incentive certificate around these products and charge your customer only for the “shipping and handling”.

As a member, you get to “piggy back” on our partnerships and buying power to provide an attractive electronic premium to your customers for just shipping and handling.

We don’t make a dime on these products, we simply pass our pricing on to you and your customers. Our whole goal is to add value to our CMI program for our clients.

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Your new Smart Fitness Watch has these features: sport modes for jogging, running, walking, riding, hiking, pedomoter, distance tracker, calorie counter, heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, stopwatch, sleep monitoring, phone locator, reminders feature, remote camera and an alarm clock. Waterproof, Bluetooth 4.0 BLE, Battery Capacity 100mAh, Polymer Lithium Battery. Compatible with Android 4.4 and above, phone bluetooth 4.0 BLE, Iphone 4s and above, IOS8.0 and above.

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